Johnson and Swarbrick Free Range Whole Ducks



Johnson and Swarbrick Whole Ducks, used by the top chefs in their restaurants and now to your kitchen.

Cooking a whole duck for the table is not really difficult, although a meat temperature probe can help it is however a real statement.

Meadowbrook recommend removing the duck from its wrapping, remove the giblet bag and cover with a dry cloth and allow to come to room temperature, about 15-20 min. Meanwhile preheat your oven to 200 degrees. (Tip…if you can cook your duck on a wire tray with parboiled roasting potatoes in a roasting tray underneath as you roast your duck the fat will drip onto your potatoes) Prick the skin of the duck to release the fat, season well with salt and pepper, season inside the cavity and loosely stuff with half a small onion, two quarters of orange and fresh thyme.

Roast your duck at the 200 degrees to seal, crisp and colour the skin for 4o minutes then reduce the oven to 160 and cook further for about 1 hour but do check as all ovens cook different. A meat probe pushed deep into the thigh should read 75 degrees. Important next is to remove the duck and rest for at least 15 minute in your warm kitchen, meanwhile check your roasties.